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Owing to out burst of population and lack of Vedic culture of divine knowledge in the form of gurukuls, it is a task of great responsibility to convey the Vedic message properly. IVA intends to provide this knowledge with optimum standards but in a different way using latest communication skill. The e learning courses will have back office support in the form of personal enquiries, personal tuition and extensive field training at Head Quarters. Those who cannot avail field training will be taught through case studies.

The methodology is strictly Vedic and text base.

Basic Franchise Proposal

  1. International Vastu Academy, the pioneer institution in Vedic Astro and Vastu education is intended to spread, the Vedic vocational education upto the masses through its direct and franchisee branches.
  2. Direct branches will be established in Mumbai and A+ and B +graded cities. IVA will award franchisee for regular courses as well as for on-line courses
  3. There will be three major categories. One, Bombay, Calcutta like cites, two, state capitals, three, other cites.
  4. A franchisee will have to operate the system within the framework of International Vastu academy syllabus & prospectus applicable through an instrument to be known as M.O.U. or franchisee agreement.
  5. The initial requirement for a center is at least two good classrooms, reception, a chamber and a sufficient parking space.
  6. The franchisee will have to arrange for fine seating arrangements and basic facilities.
  7. The franchisee shall have overhead and LCD projectors along with a laptop and computer and audio-visual or multimedia presentations in the classrooms. At least one room should be designed in a way that projectors function efficiently.
  8. Local teaching arrangement should be made autonomously and for vastu teaching, the franchisee holder should seek the help from the head quarters, situated in Jaipur.
  9. The educational norms should be exactly according to the academic needs of International Vastu Academy and nothing would be taught in the classrooms, which has not a pre approval by headquarters.
  10. The main sole of the franchisee agreement would be based on following 3 facts.
    • A non-refundable technical know-how fee.
    • Revenue sharing in class revenue.
    • A fabulous discount on product supplied by IVA headquarters. In addition to this, rules will be framed for additional services by the headquarters on demand.
      No other franchisee will be awarded within 100 square kilometers of area from the centre of franchisee.


  1. After verbal commitments the person or institutions wanting franchisee will have to deposit an initial amount asked by vastu academy
  2. The franchisee will be given one month's time for depositing full amount at the time executing M.O.U. or agreement in the meantime the centre for franchisee would be visited by an official of Vastu Academy from the interiors and vastu planning point of view.
  3. After executing M.O.U. International Vastu Academy will allow the franchisee holder to start operations according to the terms and conditions of M.O.U.
  4. A franchisee holder shall not work for any other institution in the field of the subjects, which are the subject matters of International Vastu Academy or the company representing International Vastu Academy.

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