Hurry ! International Vastu Academy Franchisee Offer.

International Vastu Acedemy 
Rules for opening branches in other cities –

There is lack of astrology, vastu institutions which provide intensive field training. Looking to this, international Vastu Academy has decided to relax its rules regarding opening of branches else where. Now IVA branches could be opened in any city of India. Provision of franchises fee has been abolished-
What you need to do :


  1. You should from a local organization & apply to IVA for this.
  2. Office bearers could be non astrologers, who will arrange for astrology & vastu teaching faculty.
  3. There should be at least  3 faculty members, who will be trained by Vastu Academy. In Jaipur for teaching techniques and syllabus.
  4. IVA from headquarters will control form headquarter about examination, results and certifications.
  5. Branches will be opened on revenue sharing basis sharing of revenue by the IVA will be 20% only on fees etc. realization. All local expenditure, advertisement and expenditure on guest faculty will be born by the franchisee.
  6. Local unit will have to display logo, banner of IVA in a visible manner. If a rental place, it should be mentioned in the agreement
  7. Al least 500-1000 Sq. Feet space must be there for this work. Place could be hired.
  8. Profile of teaching should be very good & they should be experienced. They do not have a very good degree, but should have sound knowledge of Astrology. Having laptop, projector & other devices would be deemed to be additional qualification.
  9. A function is a must at the time of stage of work.
  10. IVA control office will have a right to get at the relevant information & right to inspection. An MOU will be executed before the stage of the work.  

International Vastu Academy
Mob.: +919928770003, 9928660002

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