Corporate Vastu

Corporate Astrology & Vastu - For Increase in Turnover

Revierie of Corporate world
Harmony amongst directors and top professionals.
Harmoney amongst the working staff and the supervisory staff.
Best output from the employees.
Steady growth.
Increase in turn over.
Popularity of brand.
Sharp edge over opponents and competitors.

Dimensions of Astrological Services
Selecting the line of Business
Finalizing the top management group.
Asspicious muhurtas for success in venture.
Vastu planning and vastu correction for the growth.
Managing HR through Astrology.
Enhancing aura of employees and shaping their energy in company's favor.

Selecting the line of Business

The analysis of the horoscope of the key persons of the Organization helps us in identifying the area of investment and selecting the line of business. Finalizing the Top Management Group. Analysis of the horoscope of the directiors in context to the hrorscopes of the company and the owner. SWOT analysis of the directors. Division of subjects or topics among the top professionals according the their individual horoscopes. Managing HR through Astrology. Astrological analysis of the candidates before recruitments. This will give a new approach to the HR specialist and tatentologists. This includes astro psycho anslysis of the candidates without their physical apperance. Analysis of Partners. If the chart of a business partnership or an associate has the weak or afflicted seventh house or its lord, not onlyt the partnership or association in difficult to survive but the person associating with such a person's suffers tremendous losses and tensions in life. So, the analysis of partner's horoscope is very necessary. Corporate Strategy with Astrology Finding out periods of growth and difficulty in context to the horoscopes of company and its directors. Suggestions for name and color scheme for the success of brands. Ascertaining the Remedies Implementation of the Remedies Astrology Vastu Karmakand Gems Experiments of Sthir Laxmi Numerology Color Therapy Muhurta All important Muhurtas for new agreements, bargains, presentations. Filing applications for loans or grants, tenders etc. Initiations of new projects. Vastu Analysis of the existing assets of the company and rectification of Vastu defects if needed. Vastu analysis of the proposed assets. Suggestions for increasing turn over. Planning for sitting and working arrangements for the employees. Finding out Vastu faultline which jeopardize the growth of the unit or factory. Vastu remedies for getting maximum potential. Ascertaining possible turn over from the assets. Meditation Techniques Spiritual, moral development of the employees and shapiing their energy in company's favor. 3-5 days camps can be organized for the employees for increasing their energy. This process will include Aura Clening Aura Enhancement Pranic Healing " Lastly We would say that Corporate Astrology and Corporate Vastu is for a businessman who has both the courage and independent thinking