Satish Sharma is a traditional practitioner of the Vedic Sciences. He commands authority on Astrology, Vastu (Ancient Indian Architecture) and Occult Sciences. He has been working hard to restore Vedic Sciences to their original form through his teachings, Seminars, Multimedia Presentations, writings and researches.

Actively Associated

He is working as National Vice President, CEO, International Wing of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, founded by Dr.B.V.Raman and has at his credit opening of number of ICAS Chapters in various cities


He has received various awards in astrology like 'Jyotish Kovid' , 'Jyotish Vachaspati' and 'Jyotish Bhanu' and 'Vishwakarma' award in Vastu. He is also developing and promoting International interests of ICAS, in almost every continent of the Globe. He has recently developed a setup trying to bring out the online courses of Jyotish Praveen and Jyotish Visharad with the help of few websites active in this field like

His Publications

He is the Chief editor of Jyotish Manthan, monthly hindi magazine. The web version of the magazine is available on He has written a comprehensive book on Vastu Named "Vastu Vidya" in Hindi and English. Its third edition is available now.


He is Astrology and Vastu expert on and, famous websites. His services are also available on, a concern of CNBC. As a professional consultant he has a number of prestigious clients on his account. Mico Bosch, few starrer hotels in Europe, restaurants in South East countries, few Iskon temples all over the world are few examples that consulted him and benefitted by him. In India, Surya Roshani Ltd., Jindals, Astir &Co, Jalans, Birlas and a few more business groups are his clients. Sometimes he succeeded in increasing the turnovers of companies by more than one thousand crore.