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The major difference between correspondence course and distance learning course is the field training. In correspondence course there is a provision of 15 days field training at the head quarters Jaipur whereas in distance learning program there is a provision of case study. Distance learning program is designed especially for those residing abroad and cannot come to India for field training. However, if one having done distance learning course visits India and joins field training program scheduled after the closing session of the correspondence course, we allow him and the certificate is upgraded and a mention of field training is made on the certificate.

Duration: : 12 months
Medium: : English & Hindi
Important Feature : Case Study
Fee : INR 23,000/- (including Service Tax)
    Payment in two installments.
First Installment INR 12,000
For foreign candidates   650 USD
    Payment in two installments.
First Installment USD 350
Course Curriculum
History and Development
  • Vedic Mythology and its history
  • Scattered references in Vedic texts
  • Execution of Vastu rules in civil structures.
  • Experiments and fate of giant structures in different parts of India.
  • Examples of Pro-Vastu buildings in medieval & modern times.
Vedic Concepts
  • Identification of energy patterns that found expression in the form of  Vastu Purusha & Vishakarma.
  • Concept of Vastu Purusha and Vishwakarma.
  • Tendency of Vedic saints for personification of cosmic systems.
Scientific Explanations
  • Energy patterns.
  • Magnetic field.
  • Cosmic radiation.
  • Gravitational pull.
  • Equilibrium amongst energy patterns.
  • Geothermal energy
  • Directional forces.
  • Kinetic energy.
  • Enhancement of catchments areas of energies.
  • Transformation of one form of energy to another (karma theory)
Selection of Land
  • History of the plot
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Contours
  • Directions
  • Slopes
  • Extensions and curtailments.
  • Down the earth impurities.
  • Factors affecting plot from outside. e.g. Water, T-points, Dead Ends, Temples etc.
  • Future possibilities for next 100 years.
Tips for Construction
  • Sequence of construction
  • Components.
  • Different stages.
  • Saving brahim-sthana and vital points.
  • Use of material.
  • Fixation of gate and doors.
Interiors and Decoration
  • Colours.
  • Furniture placement
  • Wall hanging.
  • Paintings etc.
Rituals and Ceremonies
  • Bhumi pujan
  • Dehleez (Threshold) Sthapana and Pujan.
  • Stambha Sthapana
  • Dwar sthapana.
  • Laying of roof.
  • Grih pravesh.
Myths Regarding Vastu Rules
  • Singhmukhi and Gaumukhi.
  • Numbers of deities.
  • First step should be down in the shop.
  • Evils in the house.
  • Rear side should be heavy.
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