Literal meaning of Vastu is plot of land and construction there upon using the knowledge of Vastu Shastra. All rules are derived from concepts of Vastu purush and Vishwakarma.

The concept of home making requires Architectural design. Skill of architecture if added with divine concept of vastu, can play wonders in life enabling a man winning destiny, fortune and quality of life.

VAASTU rules are available in Mayamatam, Maansaar, Samarangan sutradhar, Brihat Samhita, Vasturajvallabh & many more. We may find scattered references in 7-8 other puranas also. Literature is abundantly available on Vastu Shastra.

Generally speaking, vastu rules involve use of Lunar, Solar, magnetic, electromagnetic, gravitation, attraction, vibration, material and all sorts of energy and mix them up with laws of karma. It talks about past life and future life.

Using Vastu, modern home can also bring success in gaining happiness, peace, peace of mind, wealth & prosperity, financial prosperity, successful business & spiritual development.