Vastu Purush

The concept of vastu purush attaining divinity is explained in old books Matsya Purana and Brihat Samhita. Use of cosmic energy for a good life had been prescribed in literature and ancient writers coded the secrets for the implementation by the architects.

A demon turned a divine man and became deity as a result of bliss or boon from Brahma, the creator. He was buried by a group of 45 deities in all keeping his head facing down the earth and back facing sky. His hands & legs were folded to nail him for ever. As a divine mercy, he was blessed to receive share as a deity from the yagya's (yajna's) by the human beings and after worshiped was to grant blessings to the worshipper.

Mythological Design which explains about Vastu Purush evolved from a square plot of land. A Vastu Home means architectural design crafted on Vastu Purush plan. God blessed Vastu Purush to bless human beings or creatures mean that mythological stories confining rules of construction are the best rules for the conservation & upliftment of energy level of a plot. If the level of the energy of the plot is more than the level of the native dwelling in it, the native will make a substantial progress. Generally speaking Vastu Purush or deity is :

  • A deity or concept of energy in square plot of land.
  • 45 grids or energy patterns.
  • Energy intake from north-east and exit from south-west.
  • Slope decides the fate of the native.
  • There are certain vital points to save from obstructions.
  • Sequence of construction, height ratio & water bodies play important role.
  • There is nothing mystic, but all are scientific rules for good life.