According to Indian mythology, he is first chief town planner of the universe. His prime function was to reconstruct the world after creation. This supports modern big bang theory. Matsya purana, an ancient text reveals that initial zig zag construction by King Prithu was stopped by the Lord Brahma, the creator, due to non obedience of construction rules. He was suggested to go through Vishwakarma only.

Vishwakarma has a unique quality of knowledge of texts, construction, cosmos, measurements and karma. He had used to make big buildings, Palaces of deities, Indra and other large structures were built by him. He has a vast knowledge of space, galaxy, planets, stars and astronomy. All civil structures need to obey rules prescribed by Vishwakarma. Energy pattern of the land is the main objective behind the construction of old as well as modern architecture, modern home or modern house. These are called Vastu home. Mythology suggest that Vastu Purush is a philosophical thought and Vishwakarma is doing implementation of construction based on cosmic energy.