Vastu Foundation Course

India's most spectacular foundation course, in which 73 self-recorded videos have been presented by world renowned Pandit Satish Sharma. On registering the course, text content is also given, which is of hundreds of pages. In addition to registered course, you will get many free videos as well as downloadable articles. Apart from this, there will also be 4 Live Zoom Classes in this course, which will be taken by Pt. Satish Sharma himself. Now expensive courses have been made available at considerably low cost by the International Vastu Academy.
If you want to become a Vastu Shastri or do the best course in Vastushastra, that too pure Vedic, then go to Google Play Store and download this app in the name of Vastu Academy.
On screen it will be appear as in International Vastu Academy.

Module - 1st

  1. Origin and devlopment
  2. Related ancient texts
  3. Vaastu ke aacharya
  4. Origin of vastupurush
  5. Vastu pad creation
  6. Vishwakarma
  7. King Prithu and the geographical situation of the earth

Module - 2nd

  1. Veda
  2. Puran
  3. Upnishad
  4. Samrangansutradhar
  5. Mayamatam
  6. Mansaar
  7. Roopmandan

Module - 3rd

  1. Vastu and Astronomy
  2. Vastu Shastra and Magnetic Force
  3. Vastu and Life
  4. Energy Balance

Module - 4th

  1. Names of directions and angles
  2. Planets and deities are the rulers of the directions
  3. Body part and related directions of vastu purush

Module - 5th

  1. Name of deties
  2. Symbolic significance of Vastu Deities

Module - 6th

  1. Land selection rules
  2. Psychological rules of land selection
  3. Land Examine 
  4. Classification of land based on slop
  5. Land Size
  6. Classification on the basis of length and width
  7. Shalya and Shalyaaddhar (Purification of Land)

Module - 7th

  1. Underground water tank direction – auspicious/inauspicious
  2. Result of water in different various directions

Module - 8th

  1. Results of curtailment in various directions.
  2. Results of extension in various directions.
  3. Curtailment and Extension with the context to body of Vastu Purusha.
  4. Myths regarding extension and curtailment.

Module - 9th

  1. Calculation of Brahmasthan and Marmsthan
  2. Importance of Brahmasthan and Marmsthan
  3. Precautions taken during construction to save Brahma and Marmsthan.
  4. Result of violation in Brahmsthan and Marmsthan
  5. Importance of Courtyard.

Module - 10th

  1. Name of Door Deties
  2. Results of the doors
  3. Precautions while creating the auspicious gate.

Modul - 11th

  1. Foundation Stone
  2. Roof and mezzanine floor
  3. Doors and windows
  4. Precautions in construction

Module - 12th

  1. Bedroom
  2. Bed
  3. Drawing room 
  4. Kitchen
  5. Toilet and bathroom
  6. Septic tank
  7. Place of worship
  8. Rules of Psychological and Vastu in Interior Decoration.
  9. Material and colour of furniture.

Module - 13th

  1. Muhurta for Constructions
  2. Selection of corner for foundation stone.
  3. Rahu Prishtaya
  4. Earth at rest
  5. Important Rituals at various levels eg. Bhumipujan, Stambha Sthapana, Laying of Roof, Grah Pravesh.

Module - 14th

  1. Study of map
  2. Important points in a map.
  3. Understanding the map from Vastu point of view.
  4. Making Vastu comments on a map.

Module - 15th

  1. Defects related to extension and curtailments.
  2. Defects related to Door planning.
  3. Defects related to T-points, dead end
  4. Defects related to furniture.
  5. Defects related to sleeping posture etc.
  6. Defects related to water.
  7. Defects related to Brahma Sthan and Marmsthan.